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Client Portal Access

At Thompson Law Group, we understand the importance of staying informed and connected with your legal team without disrupting your daily life. That’s why we offer our clients exclusive access to “Clio for Clients,” a dedicated portal that simplifies how you engage with your case and our legal experts.

What Can You Do With Our Portal?

Our portal, designed to keep you updated and organized, allows you to interact with Thompson Law Group effortlessly. Here’s how it enhances your experience:

  • Centralized Case Management Keep track of your case details, documents, and calendar events in one place. Receive prompt notifications for any action required on your part, eliminating the hassle of sifting through emails or returning missed calls.
  • Private Communication Exchange messages and documents securely with us, whether you’re on your computer or mobile. Access is straightforward — simply use link we sent to you via email. For your convenience, you can also use the link below or click here.
  • Effortless Payment Process View your invoices, review payment history, and settle payments conveniently through the portal. Our secure platform supports various payment methods, including credit, debit, and eCheck, ensuring you can manage your finances without reaching for your checkbook.

Getting Started

Getting started with “Clio for Clients” is easy. As a valued client of Thompson Law Group, you’ll receive a unique link to access the portal. Your journey to a more streamlined legal process begins with just a login using your email.

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