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Skilled, Accessible, Caring and Effective

Throughout the course of my Chapter 13 it has been very reassuring to know that Lisa Thompson is looking out for my interests.

She has answered all my questions, addressed all my concerns and explained all my options. When changing circumstances made me unable to meet the original Chapter 13 payment schedule, she was able to get it adjusted.

I highly, highly recommend Lisa Thompson.


Twelve Years of Business

I utilized Lisa exclusively for over 12 year through the formation of my business, day to day needs, then unfortunately, the bankruptcy and closure. She has always proven to be knowledgeable and responsive in any situation that I needed her and has a "down to earth" personality, which assisted in explaining legalese concepts. I would highly recommend her for any legal needs regarding your business.


Extremely satisfied with the bankruptcy representation that we received from attorney Lisa Thompson!

During the downturn in the economy a couple of years ago my wife and I were forced to close the doors to our business and file for bankruptcy. We consulted and then immediately hired Lisa Thompson to represent us. Her knowledge, support, punctuality and advice reassured us and made the process quite painless.

Lisa is down to earth and made us feel completely at ease. Anytime we needed a question answered or needed to know how to handle a situation in regards to our bankruptcy she was always available for help.

We never felt alone during the bankruptcy process, she was right by our side fighting for us the entire way. Our bankruptcy is now discharged and we owe it all to Lisa Thompson. She was a pleasure to work with!


Good experience

Lisa Thompson was very professional and thorough in her explanation of the process and created realistic expectations of the time frame and outcome of my case. She went above and beyond in answering my questions and concerns. Her expertise was apparent. I would recommend Ms. Thompson without hesitation.


she IS good at her job......

I could pay all my bills, but then I had no money to buy food and my medications. I was emotionally stressed. I found Thompson Law Group online, called for a free consult and received an appointment right away. I met Lisa and she put me at ease right away. We talked about my problems and my debt. The consult was relaxed and I didn't feel judged. Lisa told me what my options were, explaining everything in a way I understood. I felt at ease and capable of making a good decision.

Based on our discussion and evaluating the pros and cons, I was able to make an informed decision and hired Lisa to go forward with a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. She then asked me to turn everything over to her. I was to go home, relax and not worry about anything.

As instructed, I gave her all the information and documentation she required. The rest was very easy for me. She filed the case and coached me every step of the way so I knew what was happening. She did everything in a professional and efficient way. She coached me on the 341 meeting and it went as dictated. She coached me on making my monthly payments and I was able to do this online.

All through this process, Lisa coached me through everything and it all happened like she said it would. It made me feel very comfortable and not intimidated. Except for making my monthly payments, everything is now behind me and I can move on with my life. Lisa did exactly what she said would do, she took care of everything and made the whole process painless for me. Along the way, she restored my emotional stability. I would recommend Lisa to any one.


Fantastic Lawyer

Lisa and Shawna were extremely helpful. Lisa explained each detail of the bankruptcy paperwork. She answered all my questions and helped me with my anxiety about filing. I would highly recommend her for any legal issues dealing with bankruptcy. I found and researched her name on this website and I am glad I hired her to represent me.


Can't say enough good things about Ms Thompson

She has been my personal and corporate attorney since 1996. As you can imagine I've had multiple opportunities to use someone else. Needless to say, when you get the service she provides, the communication and the education, why would you change. As you can see, I haven't. She has been with me/us through 3 different businesses. And now is a personal friend.


I have no words to describe her honesty, great services and unconditional care for her clients. Very thankfull.

I have no words to describe her honesty, great services and unconditional care for her clients. Very thankfull to had her as my attorney. Very knowledgeable and precise with her business. Thank you Lisa.