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Should Property be Transferred Into My Trust?

There are benefits if it is.

Once your trust has been created, it is very important that you transfer all your assets into your trust, or your trust will have no effect. Many people that have formed a trust themselves using general self-help forms do not actually transfer their property into the trust. If property intended to be in trust is not properly transferred, then it is as if the trust never existed at all and will have no legal effect. While we do not provide any assurance as to the legal validity of your trust, which you would need to have determined by your estate planning attorney, we do assure you that any transfers in or out of your trust comply with Arizona law. Transfers into or out of a trust in Arizona are far more complicated than average transfers and require certain disclosures pursuant to Arizona statutes. Again, we make sure that the transfer will not only comply with Arizona law but will satisfy the title company’s requirements for future insurability of the property, as well.

Thompson Law Group, P.C. is committed to providing quality legal service at reasonable rates. We generally provide our documentation preparation services at a flat rate so that the fees are certain. If is necessary to provide additional services, such as review additional documents, chain the title, etc., in order to prepare the necessary documents or cure title defects, we will inform you of this expense prior to the commencement of any such work.

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